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We put our expertise to work for securing your low-code/no-code applications & automations.

Power BI Discovery

RISK ALERT: The Nokod Research Team discovered a data leakage vulnerability in Microsoft Power BI that could affect tens of thousands of organizations globally.


Securing the future. Now.

We are pioneers building a one-stop shop to secure and govern low-code/no-code applications.

We ensure that security leaders and teams stay in control admits this paradigm shift in application development and that business can seize all the benefits from low-code/no-code technologies and platforms with minimum risk.

We believe in managing and securing complex environments at scale and in real time.


Experience Unleashing Innovation

Led by veterans in the cybersecurity industry, our team is dedicated to bring peace of mind and the most advanced security to our customers. 

Yair Finzi - CEO Nokod Security

Yair Finzi

Co-Founder and CEO

Previously co-founder and CEO of SecuredTouch

Amichai Shulman - CTO at Nokod Security

Amichai Shulman

Co-Founder and CTO

Previously co-founder and CTO  of Imperva

Lynn Sivan VP HR

Lynn Sivan

VP of Human Resources

Yuval Peled - VP of Engineering

Yuval Peled

VP of Engineering

Mark Freeman - VP of Sales

Mark Freeman

VP of Sales

Ursula Ron, Director of Marketing at Nokod Security

Ursula Ron

Director of Marketing


Elite Investors, Catalyzing Growth

Powered by visionary and experienced tech investors, Nokod Security can stay focused on crafting the leading security platform for LCNC applications and RPA automations.

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