Pioneering Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) App Security

Build security into your low-code/no-code application lifecycle

Stay on top of security and compliance risks with Nokod and know which security measures you should apply.

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Power BI Discovery

RISK ALERT: The Nokod Research Team discovered a data leakage vulnerability in Microsoft Power BI that could affect tens of thousands of organizations globally.


Get Ahead of Attackers

Your traditional AppSec stack and processes do not protect your company against low-code/no-code apps threats and attackers have all the knowledge and advantages. 

It is time to take control – with Nokod Security.  

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Discover all your low-code /no-code apps and RPA

Maintain and track an up-to-date inventory of all your low-code/no-code applications and automations, across all teams.

Place all under a single uniform policy, within a single dashboard.

Nokod Security Platform Overview

Detect vulnerabilities & malicious activities

Track low-code/no-code applications and automations that are in violation of a policy or expose a vulnerability. 

Be alerted in real-time of any malicious apps and components introduced into your environment.

Remediate and mitigate issues with ease

When a security or governance issue is detected, the business user receives clear guidance on what to change and security teams receive the necessary mitigation steps to take and compensating controls.

Security and compliance Insights

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Experience the new way to effectively secure your low-code/no-code apps. Contact us to schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

We are eager to learn about your requirements and show you how Nokod Security can benefit you, your team, and your organization.

Discover all your organization’s low-code/no-code applications and automations.

Place them under your policies to reveal governance and compliance issues.

Automatically detect security issues and vulnerabilities.

Empower citizen developers and security teams to deal with threats right away. 

Future-Proof Your AppSec Program with Nokod.

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