Pioneering Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) App Security

Why low-code/no-code AppSec?

There’s no room for neglect. Don’t ignore the most significant paradigm shift in application development and start protecting your company now from a rapidly growing attack surface!

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Power BI Discovery

RISK ALERT: The Nokod Research Team discovered a data leakage vulnerability in Microsoft Power BI that could affect tens of thousands of organizations globally.


Traditional Application Security Fails You

Though security challenges and threat vectors resemble those in traditional software development, low-code/no-code (LCNC) development environments, processes, and developers differ significantly.

Your existing security stack and processes fall short.

LCNC and RPA revolutionize businesses, making software development accessible to a diverse range of users.

Citizen developers are more susceptible to making unintentional errors that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

In terms of visibility, your security teams are grappling with a new form of shadow engineering.


Secure and Accelerate Digital Transformation

Ensure that newfound efficiency and success through low-code/no-code developments are not jeopardized by struggling security teams. 

Your security team is challenged by: 

  • An inflation of LCNC apps, because of the extremely low-barrier of new apps creation
  • Apps creation that has decentralized and democratized
  • Apps that don’t undergo proper security code testing or application security testing
  • Apps can go directly to the production environment, skipping important security testing processes
  • The high scale of apps that need monitoring and securing
  • The little to no control they have over the LCNC app life cycle

Let’s not wait another 20 years.

It took 20 years to build proper AppSec practices and tools and incorporate them into the development lifecycle. 

Let’s not wait decades to do the same for your LCNC application development.

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Discover all your organization’s low-code/no-code applications and automations.

Place them under your policies to reveal governance and compliance issues.

Automatically detect security issues and vulnerabilities.

Empower citizen developers and security teams to deal with threats right away. 

Future-Proof Your AppSec Program with Nokod.

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