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SQL injection attack in LCNC environment

The Unbearable Stubbornness of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

CISA and FBI issued a stern warning to eradicate SQL injection vulnerabilities for good. How, with code scanners in place and ongoing security training for developers, does this problem persist? Read our take predicting that the numbers of SQLi attacks will likely rise.

Supply Chain Attacks

Webinar Recap: Navigating the Risks of Citizen Development

Recap of the key points from our webinar to help you understand the evolving risks and opportunities in citizen application and automation development. Dissecting supply chain attacks, we demonstrated low-code/no-code development as the new frontier for security professionals.

Press Release Neeraj Mathur
Press Release

Nokod Security Announces Neeraj Mathur as New Advisory Board Member

Nokod Security announces the formation of its advisory board and is proud to welcome Neeraj Mathur as its inaugural member. Mr. Mathur is a leading expert in the fields of implementation and management of intelligent automation solutions combining RPA, AI/ML, Intelligent Document Processing, Process Mining, Conversational AI, Generative AI, and other technologies to automate business processes.

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