Meet Nokod at “UiPath on Tour” in London

UiPath on Tour London is the year’s largest regional gathering of businesspeople, automation professionals, and AI experts. With executive thought leadership. Open access to hands-on experts. Community connection.
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UiPath on Tour London

At a Glance

  • When: 2 July, 2024
  • Website: UiPath on Tour
  • Where:
    • InterContinental – The O2
    • 1 Waterview Dr, London SE10 0TW, UK

We are thrilled to be a sponsoring partner for UiPath on Tour, London on July 2!

Visit the Nokod Booth and join us for open conversations, live demos, and insights on how Nokod Security can fortify your RPA developments. If third-party risks are on your radar, watch our on-demand webinar, Security Risks in Low-Code/No-Code App Development. It demos several supply chain attacks on automation built on the UiPath platform!

At our booth, explore the Nokod Security Platform—a cutting-edge solution explicitly designed for LCNC apps and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) development. Here’s how it empowers your security posture:

  • Application Logic Inspection: Our platform meticulously scrutinizes automation logic, identifying potential vulnerabilities.
  • Data Access Monitoring: We delve into data access patterns, ensuring compliance and uncovering any violations.
  • Threat Intelligence Integration: Nokod’s proprietary threat intelligence keeps a vigilant eye on third-party components, flagging weaknesses.
  • User-Defined Configuration Checks: We explore environments to pinpoint any misconfigurations that might expose your organization.

If you prefer to plan ahead, feel free to use the form on the right to schedule a meeting with our team.

See you in London!

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