Eternal fame and bragging rights ahead:

Bob the Breaker CTF

Low-code / no-code Hacking!

Created especially for OWASP Lisbon 2024, this is your chance to hack the first CTF for low-code/no-code applications. Get hands-on experience, encounter real-world scenarios, and have fun!

Bob the Breaker


Low-code/no-code Hacking

Bob the Breaker has been given access to some innocuous low-code/no-code enterprise apps.
Will he be able to take a sneak, unauthorized peek at PII, customer, and employee data?
Will he cheat his way into the President’s Club?
Come help Bob hack his way through the corporate Low-code/No-Code universe!

Join us live at OWASP Lisbon!

The CTF will be open on Friday, June 28
from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (GMT+1)

Our friends at OWASP reserved a room at the event for the CTF. Informational flyers and rollups, including the unique registration code, will be available at the event. If you have questions, you can always come by the Nokod booth SU9 for additional information. 

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PRIZES (at the event)

  • Place 1 get a prize worth $250
  • Place 2-5:  special prizes worth $50 each
  • 6-10: Special surprise
  • Stickers and glory for everyone!

Global access to the CTF for EVERYONE! 

To give all OWASP members and the global security community a chance to participate in the CTF, we will open another instance on Friday, June 28,
starting at
6 PM (GMT+1) | 12 PM EST |  9 AM PT
and keep it open for 24 hours

Save the date and add it to calendar

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PRIZES (global challenge):

  • 10 prizes $50 each

Updates per Email?

If you want to be updated about the CTF and get reminders per email, please let Ursula (ursula[at] know. 

Rules and Fair Play

  • We keep it simple:
    Be Nice!, Play Fair!, Don’t share Flags!, Have Fun!
  • Single players, no teams
  • Who wins (OWASP Global Lisbon) First place is the one that solved the entire CTF first and came to the Nokod Security booth, SU9, to claim his/her prize.  Also, place 2-10 will need to come to claim their prizes. If less than 10 manage (come on, that will not happen) the CTF, we will look at the scoreboard.
  • Who wins (online, global access): Everyone who finishes the CTF enters a draw to win a digital prize. We will give away 10 digital prizes.
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