Innovate Cybersecurity Summit 2024

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Innovate Cybersecurity Summit 2024, Nashville

At a Glance

Will you head to Nashville to participate in the Innovate Cybersecurity Summit? Meet with Nokod Security CEO Yair Finzi and Mark Freeman, our VP of Sales, to discuss the new and evolving attack surface created by low-code/no-code (LCNC) development and apps.

If you use platforms like Microsoft PowerApps / PowerAutomate, UiPath, ServiceNow, Mendix, OutSystems, and the like, please visit us at Booth 620.

As organizations plunge into LCNC and RPA solutions, a stark reality emerges: the current application security stack falls short, leaving security teams in the dark – unable to track, monitor, or secure the constant influx of apps accessing sensitive data.

Enter: Nokod Security. Our solution secures and governs applications and automations created by low-code / no-code (LCNC) and RPA tools. It detects vulnerabilities and compliance issues and allows for managing a governance policy in a field currently invisible to security teams and considered a Shadow Engineering area.

This event is in the Past

To discuss and connect with our team, please schedule an online demo.  

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