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Webinar on Demand
Webinar on Demand

Power Hacking with Microsoft Power Platform

Webinar on demand: Watch an exploration of supply chain attacks in low-code/no-code development environments and in the marketplaces of low-code application platforms. Get practical mitigation guidelines for the attacks and mistakes detailed.

UiPath on Tour London

Meet Nokod at “UiPath on Tour” in London

UiPath on Tour London is the year’s largest regional gathering of businesspeople, automation professionals, and AI experts. With executive thought leadership. Open access to hands-on experts. Community connection.

SQL injection attack in LCNC environment

The Unbearable Stubbornness of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

CISA and FBI issued a stern warning to eradicate SQL injection vulnerabilities for good. How, with code scanners in place and ongoing security training for developers, does this problem persist? Read our take predicting that the numbers of SQLi attacks will likely rise.

Supply Chain Attacks

Webinar Recap: Navigating the Risks of Citizen Development

Recap of the key points from our webinar to help you understand the evolving risks and opportunities in citizen application and automation development. Dissecting supply chain attacks, we demonstrated low-code/no-code development as the new frontier for security professionals.

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