The Writing on the Wall: Security Risks in Low-Code/No-Code App Development

Watch this webinar with subject expert Amichai Shulman exploring the security risks in low-code/no-code development environments and in the marketplaces of low-code application platforms. 

Dissecting several supply chain attacks, Amichai will demonstrate low-code/no-code development as the new frontier for security professionals. 

Get practical mitigation guidelines for the attacks and mistakes detailed.

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Understand Risks to Prevent risks

As the adoption of Low-Code Application Platforms gains momentum, code reuse and sharing mechanisms via marketplaces emerge as a dominant pattern.

Based on findings by Nokod’s cyber research team, this webinar will reveal how low-code/no-code application development is susceptible to supply chain attacks.

Whether it’s Forge for OutSystems, AppSource for Microsoft Power Platform, or the UiPath Marketplace, these platforms empower professional developers, citizen developers, and business engineers by tapping into content created and openly shared by their peers.

But here lies the risk: While this accelerates innovation and development, it also opens a potential gateway for attackers.

Our research covers various aspects of supply chain security threats, including:

  • The level of security reviews in the different marketplaces
  • The potential effects of malicious “no code” components
  • Additional vulnerabilities that increase the ability of attackers to introduce malicious code through third-party components.

Our webinar aims to raise awareness of the security risks in low-code/no-code apps and robotic process automation, especially as security professionals struggle to build security into the LCNC app development life cycle.

Adding insult to injury, the current security stack is not fit to protect businesses from these threats. Given the current status of tools (or lack thereof) to govern the use of third-party components in the various LCAPs, we find this risk particularly acute in these environments.

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