Nokod Security Emerges as Winner in Santander X Global Challenge

Nokod Security, the trailblazer in the low-code/no-code application security sector, wins the Santander X Global Challenge "Cyberprotect the Future".

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Santander X Challenge

A Triumph in Cybersecurity Innovation

This week, the winners of the “Santander X Global Challenge | Cyberprotect the Future” were unveiled in Lisbon, marking groundbreaking achievements of startups and scale-ups. The challenge, orchestrated in collaboration with the Oxentia Foundation, aimed to support and celebrate solutions addressing current cybersecurity challenges. Hailing from 11 countries and with close to 300 applications, the winners showcased innovative approaches to fortifying our digital world.

In the competitive startup category, three outstanding companies emerged triumphant: Pixee, Quantum Dice, and us, Nokod Security. 

Trailblazing the low-code/no-code application security category

For Nokod Security, the trailblazer in the low-code/no-code application security sector, this win serves as a resounding affirmation of our pioneering vision in an ever-changing industry. As we bask in the glory of this victory, it underscores Nokod Security’s commitment to innovation and leading the charge.

The Santander Challenge perfectly aligned with Nokod Security’s creation of a new category in cybersecurity and our conviction that new problems necessitate new solutions. Nokod Security’s visionary approach is particularly timely as contemporary challenges arise from the rapid adoption of low-code/no-code (LCNC) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platforms by large organizations.

Despite this surge in adoption, a critical security gap remains – the lack of insights into potential compliance violations, vulnerabilities, and malicious activities introduced by these applications. This attack surface, growing by the day, remains concealed from the purview of the current application security stack.

Nokod Security's Solution

Nokod Security’s innovative platform addresses the pressing need to govern LCNC applications and RPA automations comprehensively, all within one centralized hub. By managing cybersecurity and compliance risks throughout the lifecycle of these applications, Nokod’s enterprise-ready solution unveils a multi-platform and multifaceted approach covering discovery, police enforcement, detection of risks and issues, and remediation guidance.

Nokod Security’s enterprise-ready solution not only addresses the current void in LCNC application security but propels organizations into a future where cybersecurity is seamlessly woven into the fabric of low-code/no-code application development.

Continuing the Journey

The accolades come not only in the form of well-deserved recognition but also substantial support. Nokod Security now steps into the esteemed circle of #SantanderX100, gaining access to invaluable resources such as advisory services, training, capital, clientele, and more.

This award marks a significant milestone in our journey towards reshaping the cybersecurity landscape. And every milestone we achieve, we achieve as a team. Kudos, team, kudos!

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